Kael Block: FTM Civil Rights Fraud, Ex-Gay Hate Crimes Terrorist & Perpetrator of Lesbian Genocide


This page is dedicated to exposing Kael T. Block, a self-identified female-to-male transsexual [FTM], who is curently incarcerated in France for misogynistic and homophobic violence as well as financial criminality.



This page was last updated on July 23, 2013.



Who is the Real Kael T. Block and What is His Actual Agenda?



Kael T. Block is a hybridized clone of notorious "Drug Lords" and Terrorists
Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder of the infamous Medellín Cartel of Columbia











Infamous terrorists and "Drug Lords" Carlos Lehder (left), and Pablo Escobar (right), as seen in law enforcement photos taken in the 1980s and during the height of the Medellín Cartel 's reign of terror in Columbia. 


Kael T. Block is a hybridized clone of both Escobar and Lehder.

Quick facts about Kael T. Block that you probably don't know. 
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* Hillary Rodham Clinton "created" Kael T. Block for the purpose of perpetuating lesbian genocide, which was planned to commence in 1986, when Block was 6 years of age. She did so as part of a dual United States CIA and Vatican sponsored birth contract that Clinton authored while a staff lawyer at The Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, Arkansas, United States during 1977. Block was sub-sequently born on September 3, 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela.


* At the time that Hillary Clinton authored Block's birth contract, she and her husband were acting as the nexus for narcotics trafficking within the Americas through the Mena, Arkansas, USA regional airport. Additionally, Hillary Clinton controlled the exchange of Canadian grown heroin and South American cocaine for arms in partnership with her covert lesbian CIA-Marine "Drug Lord" operative Lisa Vogel, who provided the cheap female labor and "lesbian feminist commune festival" exchange place in Hart, Michigan as proprietor of her Berkeley, California based We Want The Music Company, Inc. 


For further details on the Clintons' involvement in drug trafficking, please see the book: "Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA" by former Clinton associate Terry Reed, and John Cummings. The inside of the back cover of this book contains a map of the Clinton narcotics network, including a visual reference to Hillary Clinton's Hart, Michigan lesbian commune location. Please see a link to a product description of the book – http://www.whale.to/b/reed_j_b.html


* Kael T. Block is the triple-hybridized clone of infamous "Drug Lords" Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder of the Medellín Cartel of Columbia, as well as the aunt of dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry, who was murdered on July 1, 1979. The in-vitro fertilization process for Block's birth was overseen by notorious war criminal and former Nazi Concentration Camp Dr. Josef Mengele, who was living in hiding in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA, at the time that Clinton authored the Block birth contract in 1977.  It should be noted that Kutztown is a short drive from the location of the secret bunker where former Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler also lived in hiding in Pennsylvania between 1945 – 1960. See the page Goodbye Terrorist List for more details on covert Nazi abwehr intelligence agency Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst [DVD] for more information on the former CIA-DVD sponsored "Hitler Bunker" in rural Pennsylvania. Carlos Lehder's father, former Nazi Josef Wilhelm Lehder, assisted Hitler in absconding from justice and subsequently hid in South America to avoid being prosecuted during The Nuremberg Trials. Wilhelm Lehder continued his Nazi activities while in hiding in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and recruited his son Carlos into the DVD sponsored "French Connection" heroin pipeline, which funnelled monies secretly to the Nazi-continuum activities of the DVD in the Americas and Europe. 


The Real Kael T. Block is a Perpetuator of Ex-Gay Terrorist Sponsored Genocide on Behalf
of Former United States Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton



Notices written by dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry on July 15, 2013, after The LAMBDA Legal organization of New York, New York, USA, pledged to provide legal assistance to military-intelligence hate crimes operatives who participated willingly in the campaign of hate crimes and genocide targeting the lesbian and bisexual women's population of North America between 1995 – 2013. 



Lambda Legal Expands Transgender Rights Project and Launches Know Your Rights: Transgender

July 15, 2013



This includes transgender and transsexual identified persons as well as their friends, family and affiliates who continue to maintain association with incarcerated hate crimes operative, al-Qaeda terrorist, photographer and misogynist snuff film perpetator Kael T. Block, of Paris, France.


Block is best known for his "XX Boys" photo project.  Please see the archived links below for more information on this project. It should be noted that many of the persons listed at this France based website between 2005 – 2012 have since been murdered.  As a result, some of their images have been taken down at the request of the Clintons and President Obama, due to legal issues in regards to their World Court criminal cases for Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. From all available evidence, it appears as though the United States intends to cover-up the existence of the genocide and hate crimes campaign, including the existence of psychological operations that contributed to the mass murders. The lack of oversight on the part of The United States Justice Department is particularly appalling as destruction of evidence in regards to the victims of ethnic cleansing is prima facie evidence of Genocide.  


XX Boys Link #1 (circa October 2005) –


XX Boys Link #2 (circa July 2006) –


Please note that all images contained on this page have been submitted as evidence of hate crimes and genocide in a court of law and thus do not require permission for use by Block.  It should be noted with irony that despite Block and his various attorneys' numerous legal threats against Block's victims and those in the media who have attempted to document and/or expose his criminality,  that Block and his "handlers" have abused the NSA and other surveillance/law enforcement agency protocols to limit access to the archive.org data files in regards to Block's myriad psy-ops websites. The irony of course is that these same psy-ops sites were in fact sponsored and endlessly promoted when it suited the needs of the hate crimes/genocide campaign.


Or until they started encountering problems in July 2006 after Block was arrested by the San Francisco Police Department and FBI San Francisco for agggravated sexual assault.


In order to avoid being arraigned by the San Francisco Distrcit Attorney's office on July 26, 2006, Block fled across the United States border by way of Arizona into Mexico, at which point he then used a falsified United Nations issued Britsh Protected Persons National Passport to obtain a flight from Mexico City to Paris, France, under an alias.


You can view the actual fraudulent document used by Kael Block until it was confiscated by the Prefecture of Police Paris on July 2, 2009:



This passport which was issued under orders by former President Bill Clinton on September 10, 2001, had been provided to Block due to previous issues he was experiencing in France after he was arrested by the Prefecture of Police in Paris on August 7, 2001, for sexually assaulting a lesbian woman. 


It should be noted that Block's trial at the Criminal Court Chambers of Paris for sexual assault occurred on September 11, 2001, which was the same day of the al-Qaeda sponsored terrorist attacks in The United States. This is noteworthy, as Block was at that time a documented member of the al-Qaeda, who was being trained to promote psychological warfare on the lesbian community, including but not limited to the promotion of sexual violence against lesbian women.



"XX Boy" model Lou, formerly of Brooklyn, New York, USA was coerced into transitioning from female-to-male [FTM] in 2004, so as to participate in Block's photo project.



On May 12, 2007, "XX Boy" Lou was lured by Kael Block to a photo shoot in London, England, at which point Block sexually assaulted and stabbed Lou to death in a snuff film that was later distributed by the supposedly "trannyfag" or gay trans man friendly porn production company Trannywood Pictures, of San Francisco, California, USA. 


It should be noted that in reality, both Block's "XX Boys" photo project as well as the Trannywood Pictures porn company were created as a front for a misogynistic and homophobic psychological warfare project that was part of the same lesbian genocide terror campaign. The operations for this terrorism and lesbian genocide campaign was located within a CIA proprietary company named Swanson Anaheim of California, which provided cover for the al-Qaeda media house As-Sahab. 


Thus, the "XX Boys" and Trannywood Pictures were CIA sub-contracted terrorism campaigns targeting the lesbian populaton that were sub-contracted to the al-Qaeda.





See below for the message from dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry to LAMBDA Legal, including pertinent details regarding the upcoming Constitutional Court of France trial of Kael Block, which is scheduled to take place in Paris, France on August 5, 2013. 


Messages follows:


Comment No. 2 to LAMBDA Legal:


FYI: If anyone is interested in fact-checking Kael T. Block (a.k.a.–Hélène Archambault), a self-identified FTM photographer best known for his "XX Boys" project, for his al-Qaeda ties, please note:


Terrorist Organizations that Have Affiliation with Kael T. Block



al-Qaeda (Arabic: القاعدة‎ al-qāʿidah, "The Base")

Job title, rank or occupation: Commander rank, as of July 15, 2013

Managing office: Beirut, Lebanon

Employee identification: 1110012633–BB

Dates of employment: Islamic Army Membership issued on August 3, 1997. Promoted to rank of Emir on January 4, 1998. Member of Military Committee since May 3, 2000. Member of March 14 Alliance, and specifically the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party of West Beirut, Lebanon, since May 3, 2004. Since April 4, 1999, Block has been employed  by the As-Sahab media production house, which is housed covertly at Swanson Anaheim, an automation products and assembly machines company, based in Anaheim, California.


Government Communications Headquarters of The United Kingdom: General Operations 2 [GCHQ: GO-2]

Deutsche Verteidigungs/Versicherungs Dienst [DVD] penetration of GCHQ Secret Intelligence Service [SIS], operative April 3, 1943 – April 2, 2010

*Please note that the office of GCHQ:GO-2 was dissolved by Sir Iain Lobban, Director of GCHQ, on April 3, 2010.

Managing office: Chigwell, England

Job title, rank or occupation: Formerly ––––

Employment identification: 

Dates of employment: Recruited into position of  –––– on March 5, 2001. Promoted to position of –––– on June 5, 2004; promoted to position of ––––on February 2, 2008; employment terminated on April 2, 2010; stripped of rank and pension on September 4, 2012.






Comment No. 2 to LAMBDA Legal:


July 15, 2013


Tacoma, Washington, USA


From dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry, lesbian civil rights activist and filmmaker;


To The New York and North American Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Two-Spirited Community,


Please be advised that the LAMBDA Legal organization of New York City is currently under inquiry by the World Court/ICC in The Hague for their participation in ex-gay hate crimes and genocide targeting the lesbian population between 1995 – 2013. This includes the mass murder of over 3,200 lesbian and bisexual identified women in North America , many of whom were disappeared. 


Many of the former lesbian or bisexual victims of this genocide were lured and coerced (or even forced) to change their sex from female to male [FTM] as part of an extermination process targeting the lesbian community between 1991 – 2013. When the combined United States Department of Justice/Interpol and ICC investigations into former Secretary of State, First Lady and Senator of New York, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and former President Bill Clinton commenced in 2009, the Clintons in particular ordered the mass murders of countless trans men and genderqueers, so as to silence them from speaking about their involvement in hate crimes and genocide. This includes those who were willing participants in such hate activities.



























Undoubtedly, the most heinous aspect of this ethnic cleansing process entailed coercion of genderqueer and trans men to voluntarily undergo radical hysterectomies, which rendered such women (genderqueers or trans men) infertile and incapable of reproducing their own genetics, thus entailing a eugenics policy intended to limit the future lesbian and gay population through reproduction of the children of Generation X & Y persons who at one point identified as lesbian or bisexual women. 



Another aspect of this ethnic cleansing involved the deliberate manipulation of gender stereotypes of "butch" and "femme" identities for inter-community psychological warfare,with the intended effect again of extermination. Fortunately, the femme identified community was spared the bulk of the planned assassinations, because this military-intelligence ethnic cleansing operation was interrupted by the investigation into the Clintons in 2009. Sadly, the butch, masculine oriented genderqueer and ftm communities were not so lucky. 



Please be advised that former al-Qaeda terrorist, photographer, misogynist snuff film producer/performer, and civil rights activist fraud, Kael T. Block of Paris, France, is currently serving a 16+ years prison sentence in France for his involvement in the above mentioned military-intelligence hate crimes and genocide campaign targeting the lesbian community. He is most well known for his project, the XX Boys, which commenced in 2003 in San Francisco.

































Kael T. Block and "The XX Boys" photography exhibit at The Seventh Heart gallery in San Francisco, California circa June 2006.

Photos (c) Alan Bamberger of ArtBusiness.com.



On August 5, 2013, Block will be tried by The Constitutional Council in Paris for hate crimes in relation to the fraudulent so-called "FTM visibility project", the XX Boys. He is looking at a potential of 4-16 additional years of prison time if found guilty. In total, Block is facing a 32 years prison sentence with no chance of parole if found guilty. 


Please also be advised Block also is under inquiry with The World Court for counts of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide. The trial date has not been set yet.


For those interested in justice for the victims of these hate crimes, please forward this notice to others. The author's contact information and a link to this same message can be found below. Please be advised that I have been documenting the genocide campaign against the lesbian and bisexual women's community since 2001. I myself am a former victim of Clinton controlled ex-gay transsexual conversion programming, of which I was subjected to as a child, adolescent and adult. This includes being subjected to covert hormone replacement therapy without my consent and psychological and physical torture. 









I would suggest that interested parties who support gay and lesbian rights, including the rights of your deceased "transgender" loved ones and friends who were murdered or committed suicide over this genocide campaign; that you speak out and make your opinions known to The World Court in The Hague. Please include the pertinent case numbers within your correspondence.​ It is imperative that you encourage the court to prosecute such persons and find them guilty for GENOCIDE as well as Crimes Against Humanity. Both entail separate investigations and separate charges. 




NB: Terminology such as transgender, transsexual, cissexual, cisgender, cissexism, transmisogyny, genderqueer, etc... is currently under international legal review to be classified as eugenics oriented hate speech. This language was developed as part of a military-intelligence operation with the express goal of GENOCIDE, people. That being said, I would advise that you NOT USE IT EVER AGAIN.


NB*: Two-spirit as a definition DID NOT originate within this same agenda, so that terminology is not considered hate speech at the current time. Whether or not non persons of color should co-opt that expression or identity is not something I feel is my right to comment on, as I am NOT a person of color. However, I did want to note this for the record.

Existrans Pride Parade in Paris, France, featuring "The XX Boys" and Kael T. Block circa October 2005.

Video (c) Esteban Strange.

The International Criminal Court can be contacted here: http://www.icc-cpi.int/EN_Menus/ICC/Contact/Pages/contact.aspx
Case numbers:

dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry (as victim): 258743–GP

Barack Obama: 128552–GJ

Hillary Rodham Clinton: 422382–IK

Bill Clinton: 713423–JF

Henry Kissinger: 232613–DC


Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) : 632122–GH


Cardinal Agostino Vallini (Vicar General of Rome): 373221–BC


Cardinal Julián Herranz–Cassado (President Emeritus, Pontifical Council For Legislative Texts): 422132–AC


Cardinal Karl Josef Becker (Docent Emeritus at Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy): 212164–DF


Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Lloveia (Prefect of Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments): 234533–EB


Cardinal Fernando Filoni (Prefect of The Congregation of Evangelization): 442513–CF


Cardinal Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemato (Archpriest Emeritus of The Basilica of St.Paul Outside The Walls): 154454–BE


Cardinal Francesco Montensi (Archpriest Emeritus of The Basilica of St.Paul Outside The Walls): 321226–EE


Cardinal Estanislao Esteban Kartic of Argentina: 355544–DC


Cardinal Raúl Eduardo Vela Chiriboga (Archbishop of Quito, Ecuador): 443527–HG


Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz (Archbishop of Krakow): 232252–CG


Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte (Former Bishop of Montréal, Quebec): 572332–CC


Cardinal Vinko Puljic (Archbishop of Vrhbosna): 422111–BB


Cardinal Agostino Caccia Villan: 572332–DF


Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnelo (Archbishop Emeritus São Savador da Bahia; Primate Emeritus Brazil): 432121–EB


Cardinal Severino Poletto (Archbishop of Turin): 559455–DD


Cardinal Bernard Panafieu (Marseille, France): 443122–BB


Cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo (Archbishop Emeritus Seville): 465246–CC


David R. Dubuque (defrocked): 301255–CA


James Quinn (Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio, The United States): 227060–BB


Julio Cesar Grassi: 111131–BC


Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany): 874312–CD


Franz Josef Jung (Former Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs; Former Minister of Defence for Germany): 211111–CB


Rudolf Scharping (Former Federal Minister of Defence for Germany): 110200–DB



















Willem-Alexander, King of The Netherlands: 772331–DF


Beatrix, Queen of The Netherlands: 132312–ED


Patrick Leahy: 213021–BA


Nancy Pelosi: 458852–GD



Tammy Baldwin: 443272–II


Mara Keisling: 123443–CE


Kate Bornstein: 033416–BB


Kael T. Block (a.k.a.– Hélène Archambault): 112213–BE


Justin Bieber [FYI: stealth Clinton FTM hate crimes operative and assassin]: 331321–IA


In the name of justice for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and two-spirit persons,

dandypants is Elizabeth Sherry




~~ Message ends here. ~~